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Less than 250cc
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The 150NK showcases how the artisan spirit applied well in the design of this well-built product.This bike overturns your impression of traditional 150cc bike and makes you feel extraordinary with its outstanding look and flexible fun handling. Generously equipped with high technologies, it is absolutely the best choice for you in 150cc segment.

With flattened headlights, high strength steel chassis, and highly integrated lines on the side, the whole streamlined vehicle body delivers strong visual look and a compact structure.
Ergonomics: A very reasonable layout providing convenient reach for driver on a gather sitting postion;foot pedals are easy to be adjusted on demand of rider; in a word, comfort even in long distance ridding and not need to compromise any fun of ridding.
Lattice frame: Tubular lattice frame provides dimensional stability and lightweight construction as well as optimical stiffness.
Both front and rear brake discs are floating type, while the front calipers are with four pistons at 218mm diameter, and rear calipers are with two pistons at 240mm diameter.The braking system provides massive stopping power at any use.
May be shown with additional modifications and/or accessories

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