What are the world's best motorbike festivals?

Posted on 01 Sep. 2019


Motorbike festivals hold a special place for any bike lover. These festivals are held annually and celebrate the magnificent and dynamic bikes from all across the world. It is also a time where bike lovers meet like-minded people who share the same passion among themselves. Excellent scenic beauty, breathtaking exhibitions together with a mix of the best music and food in town, motorbike festivals are fascinating for people who love the thrill. The sound of the engines of the exotic bikes is enough to send chills down anyone who has fascinated bike rides. Let us take a look at some of the world's best motorbike festivals and rallies that attract thousands of bikers from across the globe. 

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

This is undoubtedly the most popular & famous rally in the world. The Sturgis rally has been attracting bikers from across the globe since 1938. It occurs in August in a small town named Sturgis in South Dakota. The town has a population of 7,000 and the resident host this vibrant festival with a lot of enthusiasm. An average footfall of 500,000 is observed every year. Riders and racers participate in the rally. This rally also holds various races and offers a beautiful view to the visitors.

Daytona Beach Bike festival 

Daytona Beach Bike festival has been a popular destination for bikers for over 70 years. This rally is said to have started the bike rally tradition. It occurs in March and witnesses the world famous like shows including the Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show and few other demo rides. There is also various music events organised. There are five different types of racing namely- vintage racing, flat track, road racing, supercross and drag racing. Most of these occur at the Daytona International Speedway. This rally was held in the year 1937 and attracted close to 500,000 people every year. There are also many tourist locations nearby, which makes it even more popular.

International Classic Motorcycle Show

This festival is more than 40 years old. The International Classic Motorcycle show happens every year in late April in the city of Stafford. This festival becomes the talk of the town as the organizers come up with new and better things every year. The festival witnesses a collection of top bikes, various popular guests. Bike lovers can witness a range of motorcycles and some iconic motor parts. Carole Nash sponsors the festival.

Americade Touring Rally

As the name suggests, this rally is solely focused on riding and is ideal for anyone who desires to be a part of one. The rally consists of places that have breathtaking views. It starts near Lake George and moves around the Adirondack Mountains. It is a bikers paradise and you get to choose from a variety of rides. The pros can sign up for an unguided tour and can enjoy the journey all by themselves while the newer ones can sign up for the guided ones. If you want to ride for a good cause, then you have the charity ride option or if you like the thrill sign up for the poker ride. You will spot the most premium bikes on the roads. This festival sees an annual footfall of about 200,000 people 50,000- 60,000 of which register themselves as riders. This bike party also has things sorted and organized in the best possible way and will be a smooth run for you.

Graham Walker Memorial Run

This festival sees an annual footfall of various bike lovers all over the world. The Graham Walker Memorial Run exhibits a range of vintage and classic motorbikes. This yearly festival occurs in August in the city of Hampshire. 

ROT Biker Rally

ROT Biker Rally or the Republic of Texas Biker Rally is one of the most celebrated festivals of the states. This happens in June every year in Texas in association with the City of Austin. There is a stunning exhibition of various unique and stylish bikes. The festival also hosts several star performances. The rally has been hosting bike lovers since the past two decades.

Festivals for a cause

While bike festivals are a celebration of the spirit of biking and the passion which the bikers share, some of the festivals occur for a good cause. The money collected from here goes to the charity and is utilized for the greater good. Let us take a look at some of the notable ones.


This annual festival occurs to raise money for Sussex Hearts Charity and other hospital equipment in the UK. The festival also has several live performances. The exhibition of motorcycle equipment and apparels attract a lot of bikers from across the globe.

Bike4Life Ride Out and Festival

This festival too occurs in April. It is a charity-based festival and supports the Midlands Air Ambulance. Thousands of riders cover about 23 miles together. The biker can also witness a number of live band performances and various motor gears are exhibited there.